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How does Porter Tutoring work?

Tutoring is available for all core subjects including all levels of math, English, science , and history.  Tutoring is available for all levels of reading comprehension including phonics,  grammar, writing, and state-mandated test prep. We also offer a specific program for ACT and SAT tests that guarantees results! 

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What can I get help with?
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Absolutely! Tutors will send home any papers worked on during  their session for you to review. Since we are SO different from most tutoring centers and students will be engaged in other  learning activities other than paper assignments, you also will be receiving an email from us with your child's tutoring report for that day! This is one of the best ways to see what he or she has been working on and to see how you can support them at home!

Can I review my previous sessions?
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What will my child be doing in tutoring?

Tutoring is really adapted based on the needs of the individual student. In general, we are either going to be supporting the child in the classroom through homework and test preparation or we are going to be working on skills in a particular area of need. Tutoring can begin with or without a diagnostic test. For some students, for example: a 1st grader who cannot read, a test would not be necessary. We just need to begin teaching him or her how to read! We always choose the fastest, easiest way to make progress with your student and always keep your budget in mind! Our goal is to not only increase your child's academic skills, but also their self-confidence!

We have a large variety of curriculum to offer and we individualize it to EVERY child. There is no set program of worksheets that your child will go through like other tutoring centers. We will customize the curriculum to the learning gaps we observe as we work with your child. This proves to be the absolute most effective way to make great strides in your child's education. We have a wide variety of games,  worksheets, computer programs, and learning tools to engage your student and reinforce their learning.Your student will cycle through various stations  of receiving direct instruction and various ways of practicing what they have learned. This increases student engagement and retention of academic skills. 

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This sounds great! How do we begin?

There are no time commitments or contracts to sign; tutoring should last as long as it benefits your student. Appointments are scheduled on a weekly basis and by appointment only. Most students have ongoing and regular appointments, so as to reserve their desired time slot. All you need to do is schedule your first session and we will take it from there!

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What's the appropriate amount of time to work with a tutor?
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The majority of tutoring sessions are one hour long. Occasionally very young students find it easier to concentrate for half-hour sessions. Older students will most often schedule 1.5-2 hour time slots so as to complete and assignment and study for an upcoming quiz or test.  Obviously the longer we have to work with your student, the faster we are able to make great educational advances. The beautiful thing about Porter Tutoring is that the sessions are tailored to you and your student’s needs and can be changed at any time to accommodate those needs! 

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