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What Do We Tutor?

Porter Tutoring specializes in over 20 different areas of curriculum including all levels of reading and math, science, history, geography, STAAR preparation, ACT and SAT test prep and more. Each content area includes multiple resources enabling us to teach all learning modalities. Additionally, students will often bring home practice sheets displaying the concepts learned during the tutoring session. A parent or guardian is always welcome to inquire about the progress of the student.

Kindergarden-6th Grade

For those at the beginning of their education journey, we help with all areas of Language Arts, including Reading, Phonics, Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Writing Skills and Handwriting. In Math, we tutor all levels, from simple counting and place value concepts, to more advanced operations, probability, fractions, decimals and measurement. We can also provide tutoring for classwork as well as the state-mandated STAAR test.

Middle School

Many middle school-aged students need help adjusting to life after elementary school. During the school year, we offer homework support for all subjects, including (but not limited to) Geometry, Pre-Algebra/Algebra, Essay Writing, Science and English. Our summertime focus is typically geared towards improving previously-learned skills and preparing for the upcoming school year. 

High School

The majority of high school-aged students come to us for homework support. We work diligently with every student on each assignment to solidify their understanding and handle their individual questions. However, we can be more than homework helpers! Our goal is to help our students learn the material and be ready for pop quizzes and tests. We provide tutoring for English, various Sciences (including Biology and Chemistry), Math (including Pre-Cal and Calculus), History, Spanish and more at both the regular and A.P. levels.

College Prep:  SAT & ACT

We are proud to offer individualized College Preparation courses for the college-bound high school student. We have both SAT and ACT programs that extensively cover all areas of each test; half programs can be purchased which will focus entirely on one subject of either the ACT or SAT. Each course is taught on an individual, one-on-one basis, with additional take home assignments given to reinforce the lesson. The homework assignments are optional for students to complete, but will provide retention of previously learned skills. Sessions are on an appointment basis, with flexible booking hours.  

*Please note that SAT/ACT programs are a package and are non-refundable if the program is not finished.

College Courses

 For college students, it can be difficult to stay on top of all the new responsibilities that go along with university life, especially academics! We provide tutoring for several entry-level college courses, and we can assist with  homework help, test preparation, miscellaneous projects, writing assignments and more. Since the course work for any college is so vast, feel free to ask if we provide help for your specific need.

Summer Programs

Summer is the absolute BEST time to come for tutoring. In only a few hours a week, students can reinforce previously-learned concepts and explore new material for the up-coming school year. This is the PERFECT time to fill in learning gaps or holes in understanding. Summer tutoring is great for knowledge retention and keeping the mind sharp. Summer--the very best time to catch up, keep up and get ahead!

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