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Why Porter Tutoring?

Porter Tutoring understands that a one-size-fits-all program will not work for everyone, so our tutors tailor instruction to match the method in which each individual student learns best.  We focus the learning time on areas of each students' weakness and write up our lesson plans one day at a time in order to accommodate academic growth.


Customized Programs
We assess the needs of the students and customize an individualized program specifically designed for them. Since everyone has a unique learning style, we instruct, using the most effective methods for each student.


No Contracts
We believe that each student's needs are best met on his or her schedule. There are no contracts dictating how often or how long one should come to tutoring. As long as students are reaping the benefits of our services, we believe they will continue to see results! 


Extensive Curriculum

We specialize in over twenty areas, including all levels of reading and math instruction, STAAR preparation, SAT and ACT training, and much more. Each content area includes multiple resources, enabling us to teach to all learning modalities. To learn more about our Services click here.

Numerous Learning Tools 
With over twenty-five years of serving students, we have developed innumerable resources to help learners succeed. In addition to volumes of supplementary worksheets and written assessments, we also have an extensive collection of over 1,000 learning games and a vast database of virtual quizzes and programs. Our educational tools cater to all learning styles and help to keep learning fun as well!


Convenient Hours
We know student and parent schedules' are very demanding, so during the school year we provide tutoring sessions Monday through Friday: before, during and after school hours. Whether students desire additional help for a morning test or extra support for projects and homework assignments, we are pleased to schedule appointments from 7am to 8pm. 

*We follow the Arlington Independent School District calendar. For holidays and inclement weather if the AISD is closed, Porter Tutoring will also be closed.

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